Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation

Alberta Institute for Wildlife (AIWC) offers 1-hour indoor and outdoor education activities that showcase the beauty of what surrounds the Retreat Centre.

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Chinook Rafting

Chinook Rafting has different levels of intensity to suit everyone’s needs- whether it is a family rafting trip or an adventurous white water rafting experience, you can be sure that there’s a river right for you.

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Ability Awareness from URSA

URSA provides a team building opportunity to learn and participate in discussions and activities about people with disabilities.

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Or call:   (403)-272-7722


Rocky Mountain Adaptive Sports Centre

Rocky Mountain Adaptive Sports Centre (RMASC) offers the opportunity for individuals of all ability to enjoy sports and recreational activities.

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Gus Yaki

Gus Yaki is a lifelong naturalist. Be sure to get his tour of the flora and fauna around the W.O. Mitchell Retreat Centre and learn all there is to know about the surrounding wildlife.  



Phone number: (403)-243-2248

W.O. Mitchell

The acclaimed Canadian writer, W.O. Mitchell,  used to use the land   surrounding the W.O. Mitchell URSA Retreat Centre as a recreational fishing  and retreat space. 

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